Dedicated to protecting & preserving clean water for future generations

Water is a necessity for human well being. From an industry wide perspective B. Blackburn Ltd is concerned with aquifer pollution. Well pits, improper water well casing installations and extensions, improper well pump installations and older dug wells which are not maintained or abandoned properly all play a role in aquifer pollution. B. Blackburn Ltd is committed to improving and cleaning up the environment by working closely with Wilf Hall & Sons to abandon old wells which can be a serious threat to our community.

B. Blackburn Ltd is a registered dealer of Grundfos pumps. Grundfos is the leader in pump systems. We install Grundfos pumps because of their proven reliability, low power consumption and extensive warranties. We are committed to providing consistent quality water supply to everyone!

Constant water pressure- If you use well water, you have probably discovered the more water you need, the less water pressure you have. Constant water pressure means you will always get what you need when the tap is open- even if sprinklers are on and someone else is pressure-washing the car!


Below you will find some of the services B. Blackburn Ltd offers:

  • Installation of Grundfos (constant pressure) water well pumps
  • Well pump repairs
  • Well casing upgrades
  • Well inspections
  • Well maintenance and repairs
  • Well locating services
  • Well yields/ pump test (which determines the wells depth, static level, quality and quantity)
  • M.O.E Licensed Technicians